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June 19, 2011

What happens when the Preacher messes up?

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I didn’t blog about what has been happening with Bishop Eddie Long because I didn’t want to sensationalize the whole event.  Did he do it or didn’t he do it?  It is not my call I am not interested in the facts to be honest with you…whatever went down it is between him, the people involved and the Lord Jesus Christ.  However, I am concerned about the many people who are affected by the incident…No, not his church though I am sure they are greatly affected.  No, not his family which I know this had to take a heavy toll on them but I am concerned about the lost souls who are watching from afar, the people who are looking and searching for a Savior, the people who only see Christ through the people in the Pulpit.

Don’t get me wrong,  I know the man or woman of God are not to be idolized but we must understand that for many people they become the visible symbol of God.  We who are familiar with church, who grew up in the church or have been in it long enough to know what is really going on understand they and we are all fallible.  I hear it all the time “Christians think they are so perfect”, it is not about perfection or being saved…It is about striving and pressing toward the mark for the prize of the high calling!

To wrap this up, here is my opinion…Though a person in the church spotlight may be embarrassed by his or her sin I believe it it better to confess it rather than hide it.  The confession is for those who are dealing with the same demons, expose the devil don’t hide it.  We already know God will remove the sheets so why hide?  You can be an encouragement to people who need to see the transparency of the church and the Lord will surely forgive you.  There is no need to pretend, confess, repent and move on…We will save more souls if we are honest Saints.

This is my take…What is yours?

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