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Health and Wholeness

Don’t Believe Everything You Hear
By Byron Black
healthy living woman
“Have nothing to do with godless myths and old wives tales…” I Tim 4:7
The phrase “old wives tales” basically means “the instruction or teaching of silly fables”.
When it comes to health and exercise there are plenty of them. Most of them get started by someone in the gym who is your resident know-it-all or by somebody on TV that claims to have the perfect weight loss plan. The biggest problems with these are that they may have worked for them, but everyone is different. What works for one person doesn’t work for everybody. There isn’t a one size fits all workout plan. God instructs us to “Test the spirits” when you hear these myths. You can start by talking to an exercise physiologist or a dietitian and getting the facts.
I want to talk to you about your metabolism. It is a chemical reaction that occurs in your body to sustain life. It starts when you are conceived and doesn’t stop until you die. Your resting metabolic rate is determined by your muscles and organs. You can’t add more organs to your body but you can add more muscle which will increase your metabolism. By adding one pound of muscle to your body you increase your metabolism by 35 calories per hour at rest.
So if your muscles and your organs determine your metabolism gets, what “stokes your metabolic flame”? The answer is eating and exercise. When you wake up in the morning and eat breakfast you are in a sense putting a log on the burning embers or you simply “break” the “fast”. Your body didn’t shut down last night but it certainly did slow down and now you have to get the flame started again by eating breakfast. As you eat the 5-6 small meals through out the day you keep your metabolism flame burning. Next by adding exercise or physical activity to your day you increase your metabolism and burn more calories. When you exercise it like putting gas on an open flame. It causes it burn higher and hotter.
A very common myth is “Don’t eat an hour before going to bed because you will gain weight. Listen, if eating breakfast “turns on” your metabolism and eating the 5-6 small meals throughout the day keeps it burning, then eating before bed time is only going to keep it burning. The weight gain comes from the fact that people tend to eat more in the evening while watching TV, not eating before going to bed.
Remember don’t believe everything you hear. If have any questions about proper exercising or eating, talk to an expert to get good sound advice.

* Originally printed for CHOSEN Magazine.

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